Rules & Policies


  1. On booking, we require full payment upfront.
  2. On any refund there will be a €5 cancellation fee.
  3. Aside from the cancellation fee, if guests give us 72 hours notice (prior to check-in time) of a cancellation they will get a full refund and if instead they give us 48 hours notice (prior to check-in) they will get a 50% refund. Less than 48 hours (prior to check-in) and they will receive no refund.
  4. If for whatever reason you decide to check out early, we are not obliged to refund any remaining nights stay.


  1. Check-in time is from 14:00 to 21:00. Special requests to arrive earlier or later are possible, but please contact management so we can best accommodate your request.
  2. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. If you wish to stay beyond this time, please talk to staff or management on site. If you wish to stay beyond 12:00 and plugged into power, there is an additional €5 charge.
  3. If you wish to extend your stay by another night, please inform campsite staff on site by 10:00.
  4. If guests wish to invite a friend onto the campsite, staff and management must be informed. Additionally, friends of guests are not permitted to use any campsite facilities and are allowed to only stay for 1 hour maximum.
  5. General quiet time is strictly from 11 pm to 7 am.
  6. On entering and driving around the campsite, guests must abide by the speed limit of 10km/h.
  7. We ask guests to leave toilets and showers as you would wish to find them.


The campsite is dog/pet friendly, but pet owners are expected to follow a few basic rules. These rules are to help ensure the safety of our guests, as well as their pets. If these rules are not followed, guests and their pets may be asked to leave by campsite staff or management.

  1. Guests must promptly pick up the droppings of their pets, and dispose of them in the campsite bins provided.
  2. Pets must be kept on a short lead at all times, with no exceptions.
  3. If a pet is making excessive noise, disrupting other guests, or deemed a danger by campsite staff, then the pet and owners may be asked to leave by staff or management.
  4. Pets are strictly prohibited from the kitchen area, toilets and showers. 
  5. Our booking page allows people to book online with up to 2 pets. If you wish to stay with 3 or more pets, please contact us.


  1. Children (or any person or pet) do not have permission to enter the back hill of the campsite, as this is a health and safety issue. Parents need to be aware of this.
  2. Children are not allowed to be playing in bathrooms and showers.
  3. Parents need to supervise their children at all times.
  4. If children cause any damage to tents/vehicles or guest belongings by kicking footballs or throwing objects etc, the responsibility is down to those individuals and their parents. It is not the responsibility of the campsite.
  5. Children are not permitted to be running around the campsite from 9 pm.


  1. In the case of an incident where a vehicle collides with another vehicle, the responsibility is between those parties and their own vehicle insurance. The campsite takes no responsibility for this.
  2. If a guest's tent is damaged due to weather or other guests, the campsite takes no responsibility. If a guest's tent is damaged and unusable, guests are expected to take the tent away with them and not dispose of them at the campsite.


The campsite does its best to be environmentally friendly.

  1. We ask guests to dispose of their waste appropriately which means correctly disposing of rubbish in the general, recycling and glass bins provided. Please help keep the campsite litter free. We hope guests try their part to reduce, re-use and recycle.
  2. Black chemical waste must be emptied in the chemical waste tank which is located in the motorhome service area. It is not to be dumped in the toilets.
  3. Grey waste must be emptied at the grey waste emptying point located in the motorhome service area, so that it is correctly processed by the treatment system.

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